$6,750.00 Goal

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9 Funders

9 Funders


 $6,750.00   Goal

0 Day Left

My business will be to coach and train job seekers to become proficient in writing resumes and polishing their interviews to land the job. I plan to begin my business by marketing to fellow college students and adults in my warm personal and professional markets.

Age Group:18-26

New or Existing Business?

New Business

What do you think are the top 3 things that you need to launch your idea from where you are right now?

The top three things I need to launch my idea are:
1. Website
2. Business Cards
3. Marketing/Business Plans

What inspired your idea?

The need for this business came to me when I was a freshman in college when an upperclassman came to me asking for help with her interview. This was not the first time I had been asked for assistance. During my senior year of high school, while taking a business, marketing, and entrepreneurship class at a local technology center, I was given the responsibility of sharpening the interview skills of adult students. I have come to realize that I am really good at bringing out the best in people and helping them to showcase their very best selves. This is a skill that will help others land the jobs and careers they are passionate about.

How will this help others?

With the help of my business, others will land jobs they love and as I grow my business, others will land jobs working for me so they can also help others secure fulfilling careers.

Why is this important to you?

I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I believe it is important to use your natural skills and passions and turn them into profit. I’ve always learned that when I can fill a need there is an opportunity there. I have found a hole in the marketplace and I am confident that I can fill that need. I will train others so my business can grow.

Do you have other team members?